Our Story

I guess I'll start with the basics...my name is Shannon and I'm a native Floridian (the swampy part, not the beachy part). I have an amazing, supportive family who have supported me through this! that's so important!
I started Seventy7 Nails in 2018 with custom waterslide nail decals, and moved into custom, luxury press on nails in 2020.
I just wanted to offer high quality products at an affordable price. I want everyone to be able to enjoy my products and feel gorgeous. I also am dedicated to making nail art easier and more accessible to those who don't have the skills to hand-draw detailed nails! Self care has become so important, and I love being able to contribute to that for so many people.
I have to warn you though...you'll get addicted to Seventy7 Nails and decals! That's ok, though! As your nail bestie, I'm here to help you by offering:
- Responsibly sourced products whenever possible (About 85% of the products I use fall into this category!)
I use Madam Glam gel polishes, which are

Hema-Free Gel Polish, Cruelty-Free Gel Polish, 21-Free Gel Polish, Palm Oil Free Gel Polish and Gluten-Free!

- Every year, we choose a charity/foundation to donate a portion of our proceeds to!
- Treating your inner queen to your favorite products at great prices

Short story long; here I am! I now work from home full time making Seventy7 Nails the best it can be! I take pride in my work and really truly love making customers feel amazing! It's really true when I tell you that having the perfect manicure makes you feel your best. 
That's all I want for every single one of you:
To feel your very best!