My MUST HAVE products!

Hey y'all! I'm finally getting around to writing a blog, and what better to start with than some of my favorite items that I use almost every day?!

I kinda suck at writing, so bear with me!


My all time favorite gel polish is Madam Glam! They have a huge selection of gorgeous colors, and they go on so smoothly! You all know how hard white is to apply evenly? Their Perfect White goes on perfectly in ONE COAT! WHAAAT?! Yes, I'm serious! 

I also use a lot of IGel. They have a great selection as well, and are great if you're on a budget!

 Even if you're new here, you'll know by now that I make luxe press on nails and custom waterslide nail decals. My go-to tips for making nails is Apres. They are the best quality - BY FAR. They're made from soft gel instead of plastic. Gone are the days of cheap, flimsy drugstore nails! If you're spending good money on press on nails, you want them to be durable and reusable, right?! Hell yeah!

Now for some fun stuff! I LOVE LOVE LOVE nail art! I can't draw for shit, so I make decals, but for fun stuff like foils and chromes and whatnot, I love a couple places!

Daily Charme is fantastic for nail art goodies! They have a huge selection of foils and chromes, and they have pretty good sales regularly.

The BEST chrome out there though is from Social Claws! The Luminaura will change your life!

My fave nail flakes are these chameleon flakes from Amazon!

The best art brushes of ALL TIME are from Nailz By Dev. I'm sure you've seen her AMAZING nail art around! I recently bought the OG Bundle and LOVE IT!! You need this set if you do nail art!


Ok...on to top coats! I use IGel Beauty's No Wipe Top Coat every day! My favorite matte top coat is from Kupa. Find it here!

One last item before I go! I've tried a few curing lamps, but the Beyond Pro model from Kiara Sky is by far the best. Not only is it cordless, it's bigger than the average lamp, so it's comfy for everyone! I've had mine for over 2 years and it doesn't show signs of breaking down yet!


That's all for now y'all! Told you - I kinda suck at writing, but hopefully that'll get better as I write more!





Seventy7 Nails

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